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How Muslim Fashion Businesses are Using Technology to Increase Sales

As more and more people are making purchases online each day, traditional brick and mortar businesses have looked to online shops to supplement their physical businesses. This is especially true for fashion businesses where many online shops are cropping up each day to meet buyers’ demand.

The Muslim fashion market is one such fashion niche that is steadily picking up traction. What was once a traditional physical business model has greatly evolved into a global online business trend. Numerous Muslim are looking to online shops to get the latest beautiful hijab styles college outfits, abaya and even burkini swimwear. And with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims around the globe, Muslim fashion business owners will definitely need to get an edge if they intend to tap on and dominate this market.

Now that you are aware of the sheer size and importance of the Muslim fashion market, let’s look into how Muslim fashion business owners are using technology to increase their sales.

Ecommerce Stores

Many Muslim fashion business owners have set up online ecommerce stores to supplement their physical stores. Many of these online stores are easy to access and navigate through, thus improving user experience and increasing conversion rates.

The design and functionality of these ecommerce stores alone can make user experience seamless and convenient. When users land on an ecommerce store’s main page, they can easily browse through the store catalogue which are complete with pictures and important details. They then choose the fashion ware that they like and place their order, usually by a process called add to cart.

After placing their order, they can choose the shipping method they prefer, fill in their particulars and shipping addres. Finally, they can make payment via credit/debit card or online payment services like PayPal and wait for their order to be delivered to their shipping address.

Social Media

The next popular way Muslim fashion business owners are using technology is via social media. In addition to their ecommerce stores, these business owners will take to social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram to increase their exposure and customer base.

They will frequently post content with pictures and videos to advertise all their latest products, services and promotions. Social media sites also allow a more personalised service for Muslim fashion business owners as users can easily send private messages(PM) to owners directly for inquiries or even to make purchases.

There are many examples of Muslim fashion business owners that are using technology to increase sales but one noteworthy example is an online Muslimah fashion business, HijabDressUp. HijabDressUp is run by a Muslim husband and wife team since 2012, with over 99,000 fans on Facebook and 2,000 satisfied customers across the globe. It provides some of the most beautiful abaya designs, elegant maxi-dresses, trendy hijab style and beautiful burkini swimwear.

Muslim fashion business owners have used technology in many innovative ways to increase their leads and sales. They realise that in an ever changing world, they cannot just rely on old, traditional methods of marketing if they wish to remain relevant and a market dominator.