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Key Trends in SEO This 2021

SEO is among the most critical elements of today’s organizations as this gives them the necessary visibility for attracting more customers. A solid and robust strategy by a seo agency in singapore lets companies position their websites to gain more visitors to increase the chances of earning new customers out of these prospects. As 2020 has now officially come to an end, there are some SEO trends that you need to watch out for and use to your advantage this 2021.

The Continuous Rise of AI
AI or artificial intelligence continues to grow at a fast pace so it doesn’t come as a surprise that sales and marketing prioritize AI these days more than other departments. The latest research revealed that initiatives related to machine learning and data science are among the top priorities out of all technologies. It has also been reported that the industry of AI will grow into a lucrative billion-dollar industry by 2025. With the power of AI, it is now possible to maximize opportunities for link building and develop more relevant content.

Harness the Potential of Local SEO
Even if you are catering to a small local market, local SEO is something that you can just take for granted. If you don’t belong to the top 1 to 6 listings in your local area, you have to make sure that you showcase your expertise in the market to drive more traffic to your website. One way to do this is to be listed in the area-specific directories.

You also cannot take for granted the importance of the mapping feature of Google. Aside from the basic search results, Google Maps is also available in Google where you can look for a specific location and get the necessary directions. It is a must to pay attention to local SEO as more and more people now use Google to search for local businesses instead of using the traditional search.

The Need for Structured Data
One of the current crucial elements for websites is none other than structured data, mainly because Google Search makes use of the structured data they find to understand a page’s content and acquire more information regarding the world and the web.
Having a good understanding of structured data is important for you to provide quality results from your landing page or website. These better results can help you establish your authority in the eyes of your target audience or market.

The EAT Concept
The EAT concept means experience, authority, and trustworthiness. All of these factors are mentioned in Google’s search quality evaluator guidelines. Websites with good Eat are going to rank better compared to those with poor EAT.

Voice Search Optimization
A big chunk of the population today uses voice assistance every month that paves the way to the popularity of voice search technology. To be sure that you don’t get left behind, make sure that you have blogs and product FAQs. You should also use structured data guidelines and optimize for answers. Make sure that your content also uses conversational language.

As businesses gear up for 2021, make sure that you continue focusing on your strategy for SEO.