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Important Things Before You Send Your Application for Permanent Resident in Singapore

There has been a steady increase in the number of expats that choose to live in Singapore every single year. Well, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more people cannot help but be attracted to the stunning Lion City State. This is also the very reason why people from all walks of life are now sending in their application for pr in Singapore.

Permanent Residency Application – The Perfect Chance to Migrate to a Perfect Place
Permanent residency in Singapore spurs migration among foreign employees and entrepreneurs as this allows them to have an indefinite stay on this city-state island. This also gives them the chance to enjoy the perks of being a permanent resident just like local citizens, including affordable healthcare, liberty for employment and business, educational opportunities, and so much more. It is also a very appealing idea for those who have working visas.

Responsibilities and Benefits Available for Permanent Residents of Singapore
PR holders in Singapore don’t have to worry about visa restrictions. It means that it would be easy for them to come and go out of Singapore anytime and every time they want. There is also no need for PR holders to apply for a working visa. It gives them the freedom to change and choose companies or employers as they please.

Aside from that, PR holders will also be able to take advantage of the chance to start or invest in any business and buy real estate properties. It should be noted, however, that PR holders are only allowed to buy secondhand HDB properties since brand new housing units are only available and accessible to the citizens of the country.

The Central Provident Fund or CPF also covers PR holders offering financial coverage for the investment, property, education, pension, and healthcare needs of a citizen. Lastly, PR holders are also entitled to subsidized education in institutions owned by the government as well as medical support in government-owned clinics.

But, even if being a permanent resident in Singapore offers a long list of benefits, grantees also have several important obligations they need to fulfill. Among these is the mandatory requirement of rendering National Service covered by the

Enlistment Act that states that all permanent residents and male citizens of Singapore should register for National Service.
The registered individuals need to render a maximum of 40 days or 6 weeks of Operationally Ready National Service or ORNS every year for the remaining time of their ORNS training period for a maximum 50 years of age for the officers and 40 years old for the rest of the ranks.

But, applicants under PTS or Professionals/Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme who already have PR status are deemed exempted from such government service. But this exemption doesn’t extend to the permanent residents’ male children, whichever means they acquired their permanent resident status.

If you are looking for greener pastures and more exciting opportunities, make sure you send your application for permanent resident in Singapore soon!