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How to Improve Yourself

The stars must shine in your eyes. The sun must burn in your heart.The oceans must live in your mind. Never stop questioning. Never stop making mistakes. Never cease to experiment. Live in this world without pretence. It is alright to worry, to get angry, to be confused or unsure of the reason why you are here. Keep asking yourself questions. Keep looking for a reason even though it will elude you for your entire life. Sooner or later, either near the end or somewhere in the middle of your life, you are sure to find it – or will you?

Persist in seeking wisdom, insight, knowledge and truth, by persistently questioning and questing and tempting the status quo, until you are deemed a lunatic in the eyes of others. Let others be fooled by themselves of their limited perceptions of you. Let not yourself be fooled by yourself, but that is impossible, unless you allow it. Talk out loud, pen your thoughts until the pages burn with the fire of your wisdom. Every time you come up with something new, attack it from all sides by questioning it mercilessly. Eventually you will come up with something truly original or originally wise.

The man who measures himself against others is not worth a measure at all. But if you would measure yourself against yourself, then there would be nothing but constant improvement. Don’t tell, show. Don’t prove, do. Don’t boast, perform. Don’t promise, act. Blind yourself to their snobbish faces. Deafen yourself to their jeering voices. You are not better than the one who did less than you. You are not worse than the one who did more than you. Every person has, in full and just measure, the Providentially-given abilities for his or her individual journey in Life.