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Halal Hotel in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and has a land area of approximately one thousand six hundred square kilometres. There are about eight million people living in Bangkok, which is about thirteen percent of the country’s population. Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand and contributes significantly to its economy. Bangkok and generally Thailand consists of predominantly Buddhist followers with ninety-five percent of the population practising the religion. While Thailand has no national religion, and provides religious freedom to its citizen, its King must be a Theravada Buddhist.

Due to Thailand’s freedom of religious practice, there are people of other faiths living and working in Bangkok. One of the largest communities there are actually Muslims. In fact, Bangkok has several accommodations for those who practice under Islamic law. In addition to providing properly prepared foods, they are nearby religious mosques. As you consider halal food near me  and halal hotels in Bangkok, here are some lodgings to keep in mind.

Al Meroz Hotel– Features like a rooftop pool, large gym, and alcohol-free restaurants set this hotel apart. They offer several rooms for every budget type. Additionally, all staff is trained to help provide a travel experience in accordance with the Muslim lifestyle. This is available around-the-clock, as the hotel offers 24-hour room service. The pool and gym access are also divided for male and female guests in accordance with halal regulations.

Shangri-La Hotel– This is a luxurious hotel located near on the edge of the Chao Phraya River. They offer Arabic and pork-free cuisine, having many dishes available that are made from halal ingredients. This hotel is also near the Haroon Masjid mosque, which is open for all prayer.

Grand Sukhumvit Hotel– This Bangkok hotel is known for its luxurious design. While it is not quite as Halal-friendly as the Al Meroz hotel, it does specialise in Arabian cuisine prepared with halal-certified ingredients. There are three bars for visitors who choose to drink. Some other accommodations include smoking and non-smoking rooms, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, and gym.

Nouvo City Hotel– This is located near the older part of Bangkok, offering a look at the cultural aspects of the city. It specialises in Indian, Thai, and Halal foods. Some of its features include free shuttle service, close proximity to many of Bangkok’s shopping centres, a swimming pool, a spa, and a gym.

Choosing a halal hotel Bangkok does not have to be difficult. The lodgings mentioned above all offer standard halal menus. Additionally, they are nearby religious mosques and other Muslim-friendly attractions that will make your vacation much more enjoyable.

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