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Different Types of Videos Effective for Social Media Marketing

There are now different types of videos that you can use to promote your brand, services, and products on social media. The specific choice you make depends on what you think can suit your business and the platforms you use. There are even Video production singapore companies to produce videos for you. Below are five types of videos you might want to make to boost your social media marketing campaigns.

Behind the Scenes Videos
Behind the scenes videos can add a more personal touch to the relationship that you have with your viewers or followers. Through these videos, they can get a glimpse of how you go about with your daily operations. They also offer potential customers the chance to see your company culture and the way you operate. Some possible focuses that you can include in your videos are products and services, office setup, production processes, employees and officials. You can also feature your suppliers or vendors and your regular or major customers. Make sure that your behind the scene videos are well-produced, interesting, and informative to make it more likely for your viewers to share them.

Informational Videos
Come up with interesting informational videos that will compel your viewers to share them with others so your account can attract different users. Organize your videos with the use of cluster methodology to boost their researchability by Google. You also have to ensure that your videos are witty, unique, and insightful. You can also add humor so they will more entertaining to viewers.

Live Videos
Live videos are among the different types of videos that you can use to engage with your audience. These videos let you have a direct communication with your followers and viewers. You can have live streaming on the different streaming services such as

Facebook Live and YouTube Live.
You can also use these live videos for your behind the scene events, product information, company announcements and product launch. You might also want to do short video updates regularly to retain the interest and engagement of your followers. You can also do Q and As, chats, or live interviews to establish relationships with them.

Breaking or Trending News
More and more people now consume trending and breaking news on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Twitter even announced that these breaking news videos are among the most viewed out of the different types of videos in the platform. This means that there is a high chance for you to reach your target audience through trending or breaking news.
When you make these videos, be sure that they are related to your specific industry. You can cover the newest developments, projects, or products in your company. You can also give your opinion or reaction to the newest major trends and events in your niche.

Tutorial Videos
Out of all the different types of videos out there, tutorial videos are among those that have the most shares on social media because of their appeal to the masses. When making tutorial videos, ensure that they are related to your products, services, and brands. You can cover topics related to your target followers or market and industry. Your tutorials must be easy to follow, entertaining, and informative to attract viewers’ attention.