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Best Cakes in Singapore

Whether you are new in Singapore or struggling to find the best cake shop, we have got you covered! We have searched through various lists and categories of the best cakes Singapore has to offer, and present to you the most famous and top-quality cakes producers in Singapore. Here are the best cakes shops in Singapore.

Ciel Patissiere
This is a humble cake shop that you will find in the neighborhood of Hougang. Their cake quality is just amazing. You can purchase its simple strawberry cake for $34, which has scrumptious layers sandwiched between cream and fresh strawberry. Another popular cake is the Scarlet mousse cake that has a scent of red tart and lemon.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
This shop has one of the best-quality cakes that you can buy in Singapore. It offers old-time favorite cakes such as Pandon Chiffon Cakes, Walnut Cakes, and Soft Swiss Rolls. They are famous for their unique old-time taste that nobody else can replicate in the cakes. Rick and Good Cake Shop cakes are quite affordable.

This is a gorgeous cakes shop that is modeled after the amazing tea house of the pastel era. Its cake has the same exquisite look. This shop offers semi-regional ingredients in their cakes such as jasmine flowers, osmanthus, matcha, etc. It has the most refreshing collection of cakes that brighten up the mood. Its most famous creations include pistachio-filled summer, mint-hued berry, and lemon meringue cake.

The cheesecake fiends are greater in number than the cake lovers. There is a good difference between the cheesecake fiends and cake lovers, since cheesecake has its own category and level of taste. The cheek cake is the specialty and bestseller of Pantler. The cake has a golden brown top that crumbles beautifully. They also offer many other favorite cakes that are enjoyed in Singapore. Pantler is a busy cake shop so you must book the cake three days in advance.

Edith Patisserie
This is a local cakes shop in Singapore that mixes local ingredients magic in its cakes. You can taste the unique ingredients such as gula Melaka and pandan. There are also many other favorites in this shop such as Cookie Dough Speculoos and Early Lavender.

Zee and Elle
This is my personal favourite cake shop in Singapore. There are not bakers, but artists working at Zee and Elle since they produce sheer pieces of art there. They produce many different types of cakes such as fusion and tier cakes. The cakes offered by Zee and Elle are also very popular. You even order custom made cakes from their website, and choose to have them delivered it to you. Alternatively, you can opt to come down to their shop to collect the cake yourself and save on the delivery charges.

Bottom Line
The above list consists of all the amazing and beautiful cake shops in Singapore. There are traditional and modern cake bakers. Pick your favorite, and order a cake for special occasions. These cake shops are trustworthy and reliable.